What Does Born Again Mean ?

What does being "born again" mean?
Back to the Sixties....
  •  The term “born again Christian” seems to have first appeared in the USA around the early 1960's
  • It was initially associated with the Jesus movement and seemed to refer to a special conversion experience
......& Seventies
  • However since the mid 70s it seems to be a term used as a label by the media and those outside the Church to categorise “over the top or other than normal Christians”

"does this mean that there are 2 categories of Christians,
born again ones and others who aren't?"

Well, If we are to regard the teaching of Jesus on this matter then the answer must be no
  • In the gospel of John, chapter 3, He makes it very clear
  • He tells us that no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again
  • A better translation of "born again" is the term "born from above"
  • Being born again is not an option but an essential part of being a Christian

      Sounds strange?
    • Physical birth is a single action which gives us life in this world, and no one misunderstands that!
    • In the same way our entrance into God’s kingdom is by our spiritual birth
    • To be born from above means the transformation of a person so that he or she is able to enter and belong to God's heavenly kingdom
    • It requires an inner change which is a supernatural occurrence
    • This is not something which can be accomplished by human effort but is given only by the direct act of God
    • It is not a process but is instantaneously completed on acceptance of Jesus Christ
    Our sinful nature cannot be altered and made right by social reforms or education
    It must be transformed by a supernatural work of the Triune God
      what it means
    • To be born again means receiving salvation through Jesus Christ
    • It requires a recognition of one’s own sinfulness and a determination to turn away from the old life and make an active commitment to God
    • This is just the beginning of a process of growth and spiritual maturity which continues throughout life
    • The most important point is that there is genuine repentance and faith

    New birth is not a matter of feelings but rather
    a new sensitivity to spiritual things,
    a new direction in life,
    and an increasing ability to obey God