What Christians Believe about Jesus

What Christians believe about Jesus Christ

"We simply do not have a shred of evidence to determine the historicity of a Jesus 'the Christ'.  We only have evidence for the belief of Jesus"
- Jim Walker, atheist
Jim Walker, a well know atheist, wrote this as part of an article to dispute the existence of Jesus!  What I find difficult to understand is why it is that Jim and people like him have to go to such great efforts to disprove the existence of Jesus? Personally, I don’t believe in UFO’s but there are people who do, that’s fine by me, we just disagree. I don’t make it my mission in life to prove them wrong.
Jesus of Nazareth certainly existed, His life is thoroughly documented by the first four books of the New Testament, which are considered to be prime sources by historians (even those who aren't Christians).  There is also written evidence provided by late 1st and early 2nd century’s major non-Christian writers such as Josephus, Tacitus, Suetonius and Pliny. 
It is possible to follow the life of Jesus Christ just from early non-Christian sources: Jesus was called the Christ (Josephus), did “magic,” led Israel into new teachings, and was hanged on Passover for them (Babylonian Talmud) in Judea (Tacitus), but claimed to be God and would return (Eliezar), which his followers believed, worshipping Him as God (Pliny the Younger).


What do Christians believe about Jesus?

  • He is divine
  He is fully God and fully man, that is, His divine nature was joined but not mixed with human nature, one divine person who was both "truly God and truly man"
  • He is human
  He had a fully human body; He did not descend from heaven and suddenly appear upon earth, but was conceived in the womb of a human mother like any other child. Although his conception was unique in that it did not involve a male human, the process from that point on was apparently identical to what every human experiences. The bible ascribes to Him the same sort of emotional and intellectual qualities that are found in other humans, not lacking any of the essential elements of humanity that are found in each of us
  • He is sinless
  Christ had our true nature and was made like us in all things, except for sin. He had no sin either in His flesh or in His spirit. He came to be the Lamb without fault, who, by the sacrifice of Himself made once, would take away the sins of the world

  • He is worth our worship
  He is not merely the highest of all created beings, but He is God in the same sense and to the same degree as the Father. He is as deserving of our praise, adoration, and obedience as is the Father
  • He was foretold
  Jesus is the Messiah told of in the Old Testament
  • He is God's only Son
  He is the Son of God, God having become man and the saviour of humanity
  • He is our sacrifice
  He suffered, died from crucifixion, was buried, and was resurrected from the dead to open heaven to those who believe in Him and trust him for the forgiveness of their sins
  • He sits in heaven, waiting...
  Jesus bodily ascended into heaven where He rules and reigns with God the Father
...to return again
  He will return to judge all humans, living and dead, and grant eternal life to His followers
What He means for us, all of us
For those who believe in Him the importance of Jesus' humanity cannot be overestimated, for salvation is at stake.

Jesus bridged the gap between us and God.


God is high above us, so he cannot be known by unaided human reason. It was not an angel or a human who came from God to us, but God Himself in the form of Jesus who reached across the chasm created by sin.
The death of Christ is sufficient for all sinners who have ever lived, for He was not merely a finite human, but an infinite God who died, He, the Life, the Giver and Sustainer of life, who did not have to die, died for us all
good news!
The price of sin has been paid for me and you
As if you never sinned
The ultimate clean slate
Not guilty