What Christians Believe About God

The Christian View of God

“I don’t want to see any religious people in public office because they’re working for another boss”
- Frank Zappa 
We think it is essential to know all you can about your boss!…
In the majority of the world’s religions the perception of “God” is the major influence that shapes the attitude and behaviour of its followers
For example if “God” is perceived to be cruel and intolerant then the worshippers are more likely to live in fear and have a tendency to religious conformity, on the other hand if “God” is perceived to be weak and tolerant the worshippers are liable to be self pleasing and slack in their religious conformity

We humans are pretty limited in our essential qualities compared with God who is completely unlimited, so how can we possibly know what He is like?

Well, Christians believe it is only possible to know Him because he has revealed or shown himself to us and He has done this in two specific ways:

 1. Something that is referred to as "general revelation”, simply put; everyone, without exception, is able to know Him by the unfathomable and spectacular wonders of our world and the universe

2. We are able to know Him in a very special, detailed and personal way called "special revelation". In this way He has told us much more about Himself, what He requires, how things came about and what the future will be, all this He has accomplished through the Bible. Christians believe that although the bible was recorded by human beings God inspired the writers and He is both the ultimate author and principal subject. The Bible was not written to prove that God exists but to reveal Him and His activities. He is the one and only, unique and supreme creator of all things, the giver of all life within the entire universe



God is.........
  • pure spirit
In His nature God is pure spirit, and perhaps could be described as intelligent energy
He is not part spirit and part body as man is but He is spirit without form or parts, and for that reason has no physical presence
  • without limit
We are limited as to time and space but God has no limits or boundaries in time or space
His infinity in relation to time we call eternity, in relation to space his omnipresence, in relation to knowledge his omniscience, and in relation to power his omnipotence
Christians believe that God is eternal, all present, all-knowing and all powerful
  • personal
God is personal; He is rational, self-conscious and self-determining
He is an intelligent moral God and the source of all rationality in the universe
God is sovereign; He makes His own plans and carries them out in His own time and ways
God’s will is not arbitrary; he acts in complete harmony with his character
God can enter into personal relationships with all who put their faith in Jesus Christ, His only son, giving all who truly believe the right to call God their Father
  • Father
When the New Testament describes this relationship of Father it describes the tenderest aspects of God’s character, His love, His faithfulness and His watchful care
  • The Bible reminds us that it is our responsibility to show God the reverence, trust and honour that He deserves
  • However intimate, rich and warm hearted His love; God remains God, majestic, amazing and awesome
  • Nowhere is there any hint that this redeeming Fatherhood relationship is extended to those who reject Him or refuse to have faith in His son Jesus Christ