Christianity Explained



What do you think?


  • Do you believe in God but are confused?
  • Would you agree that the Jesus of the bible was a good man?
  • Do you think “Christian values” have shaped much of our present day culture?
  • Are you completely confused by what Christianity is all about?
  • Do you think Christianity is irrelevant to your life?


Did you answer yes to at least one of these questions?


Then you are not alone.... 

....a great number of people think that Christianity is completely confusing, complicated, irrelevant, hypocritical, intolerant and out of date


What Went Wrong?
The Good News - throughout the history of the church there have always been Christians who have tried to live and pass on the teachings of Jesus and His followers as recorded in the bible. These people have, often through suffering and even death, brought about tremendous benefits to the poor and downtrodden, such as the abolition of slavery, prison reform, education and social welfare reform.
The Bad News - there have always been some that have misinterpreted, changed, distorted, altered and used the teachings of Jesus and His followers to control and manipulate others for their own ends, to accumulate wealth for themselves, to heap guilt on the poor and defenceless, and to confuse ordinary people with all manner of religious practices.

No wonder so many people are confused and switched off, after over two thousand years the simple message of Jesus has become mixed up with a great deal of misunderstanding, prejudice and religion.  It is often hard to see the wood from the trees.


We believe that the message of Jesus is extremely important, a matter of life or death for everyone - ultimately everyone must make a choice that has eternal consequences. We also know that it is pretty impossible to make any choice without information, so, we would like to try to answer any questions that you might have that will enable you to understand, in a simple and uncomplicated way, the Christian faith.

As we receive questions we will add to this list……


  1. The Christian view of GOD 
  2. The Christian view of JESUS 
  3. The Christian view of the TRINITY
  4. The Christian view of the HOLY SPIRIT         
  5. What does being BORN AGAIN mean?