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Christian doctrine is simply statements of the most fundamental beliefs the Christian has, beliefs about the nature of God, about his action, about us who are his creatures, and about what he has done to bring us into relationship with himself. They are statements on the fundamental issues of life: namely, who am I, what is the ultimate meaning of the universe, where am I going? Christian doctrine is, then, the answers the Christian gives to those questions that all human beings ask.

The study of doctrine is known as theology. Literally, theology is the study of God. It takes its primary content from the Bible, however, It does not look at each of the books of the Bible separately, but attempts to draw together what the entirety of Scripture says on each topic covered.

The aim of theology is to repeat timeless biblical truths in a form that is understandable to the people who are living today. It does not simply  inform readers, so that they might have more information. Instead, it is intended to be applied to everyday life. 

Correct doctrinal beliefs are essential to the relationship between the believer and God. 

Systematic theology is a discipline of Christian theology that formulates an orderly, rational, and coherent account of the doctrines of the Christian faith which includes ....

  1. Theology proper the study of God. 
  2. Christology is the study of Christ. 
  3. Pneumatology is the study of the Holy Spirit. 
  4. Bibliology the study of the bible
  5. Soteriology the study of salvation
  6. Ecclesiology the study of the church 
  7. Angelology the study of  Angels 
  8. Eschatology  the study of the last things.